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Okies, so I was beginning a rant on something else, and I recieved an IM from the only person I talk to from grammar and high school. Yesterday, probably the most spunky and great lady around died. Sister Paul Marie, formerly of the Saint Augustine Convent in Elkridge, Maryland. And so I'll let the world in to their loss. Mind you I found out in class *about ten minutes ago* and rather than pay attention to discourse and nationalism, I'm writing in my LiveJournal... thank goodness for the blank importanty screen of Semagic... makes it look like I'm taking notes *g*. Anyhoo, Sister Paul Marie...

What to say, other than breaking out in tears as soon as I find out she passed, which says enough without saying anything at all. Sister Paul Marie was about four and maybe 1/4 feet tall, and most third graders were taller than she was... but if you cheezed her off, she could still push kids against the wall. She had what could best be described as Spunk. She was as sweet as can be, however, and took the time to help the kids that needed the help the most... I find it *can't think of a good word* that I happened to be reminising with the_lostboys over lunch/dinner Sunday and deciding to get together to visit her, only for her to pass the next day... she must have heard we were coming *g*. She took the time for instance to work with the_lostboys in math during the year she had her. Most simply didn't give a crap about the_lostboys and just "gave up" on her and her non existant math skills, but Sister Paul didn't. I firmly believe that if she had Sister Paul for her math teacher for all the years of grammar school *heck, even in high school* her abilities in math would be vastly improved. For me, Sister Paul was really my doorway to my faith. It was having her as a religion teacher that really connected me with the Catholic Church. She used to make the class sing marian hymns and say the rosary in Latin, and I doubt I could remember the Ave Maria if it weren't for her. I have a solid grip on the theology of the Catholic Church, and I have her to thank for it... she made what is otherwise some very complicated stuff understandable to a 12 year old, and because of her influence, I will always remain at least nominally Catholic.

I return sporatically to St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Gammar School and Church to visit with some of my cherished teachers, most of all Sister Paul. I could have sworn she was 200 years old when I was 12, and in the back of my mind I never wondered when she might pass. But even 10 years removed from the school *graduated June 1995* she still keenly remembered both me and my younger sister. She still asked me about my love of the Civil War *fell in love with it in the seventh grade* and still remembered my love for Sci-fi *especially Star Wars back then* and as much as that is not important information, it was important that she remembered. Well, I can't talk anymore at the moment, as I've got to try not to cry in class and let go the idea that I'm not paying attention to the now discussion on Scotland and Nationalism... I'm not sure I can put my feelings about her in words, only in tears....

She is with God, I have no doubt of that...
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