Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

I"m effin freezing!!!  I've been getting colder and colder for days now, trying to toss extra blankets on the bed, covering up in sweaters and sweatpants and doubling up on socks... its just damn cold in the house, its constantly raining outside; i just can't keep warm!!!  *brrrrpout*  so right now I'm using my laptop to keep my lap warm... of course i was stupid enough to eat ice cream while cold (there's absolutely nothing else in the house right now)...  *mehness*

Loved DJ on SGA last night, but i'm seriously upset that I have to wait two weeks for my next delicious archaeologist high... the good thing is that next friday i'm pretty sure i've got a crammed work schedule lat into the night, which means probably no redial_the_gate chat on "Urgo" and I've already set my DVR for Sanctuary.  *pout* but its a big event at work, so its awesome i'm working on it.  
Tags: cold, mehness, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, work
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