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Why couldn't I be male??

I hate you I hate you I hate you Eve...  Was the apple really worth it?? Can ya tell me that!?!?!?!  

On a good side though, my puppeh loves me today... this morning she refused to get out of bed, as normally Tuesdays are Mommy and Cocoa time, as my mother is semi-retired, she and the pups stay in bed until like noon *I'm insanely jealous*...  Cocoa thought this morning would be the same... I even snapped a picture:
This is cocoa being a "cocoaslut" where she turns onto her backside to expose her belly.  Be warned, when she stays in slut mode for more than a few minutes, she sneezes.  I've had to take showers after an attack of such!  (probably way too much information, but hey, its my blog!)  Cokesters here is right up next to where I am to the right of the picture  (I was curled in a white blanket)

I don't know what is stranger: the fact I decided to take this photo an share it, or that I had my iPhone in bed with me (having been sleeping with it recently, not to mention getting used to having the laptop in bed with me as well) so that I could take the impromptu picture.  

This evening, by the way, was absolutely adorable.  I came out of my "sanctuary" to find her guarding the door, waiting for me to exit the ladies room.  She then quietly (she's always quiet audibly, but in this instance I mean quietly in that she didn't do anything else) went straight to my bed and settled herself in for the night, long before I intended to get in bed myself!!  (a good thirty minutes at least!)  She's getting used to sleeping in my bed while the parents are in Hawaii, but I'm now curious how she's going to react once they come back.  She's been more attached to me than previous trips.  Considering I'm her third favorite in a family of three, I'm hoping I can knock somone else off their pedestal for a while and enjoy the good life.  

So between the cramping and the irritable mood, and the annoying writers block, now that I've put up three chapters of the latest in my new series, the fourth is dying to come out and I can't put it on paper at all... AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!  I hate you Eve!! I hate you and that stupid apple of yours...  You should have known better than to trust a Slytherin!!!
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