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July 18th

One of my first forays into my interest into history was back in the seventh grade when Mr. Bush, my teacher, made us watch Glory from which I fell into love with the US Civil War. Since then (and a degree later) my focuses of history have changed, but I still have a heart for the US Civil War, and it doesn't help at all that my mentor in college was my Civil War professor, Dr. Silverman. Anyways, this is just a post as a memorial to the battle that got me into history in the first place (and yes, every July 18th, I watch Glory also!) 

Battle of Battery Wagner

(The Battle of Battery Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina, July 18th, 1863)

For more information:
Wikipedia: Robert Gould Shaw
Wikipedia: Fort Wagner
Wikipedia: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Congressional Medal of Honor Winners: Robert G. Shaw (I didn't know he won the Medal of Honor until just today!)
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