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flame on!

If i didn't know any better, I could have sworn that Kevin was watching Fantastic Four with my parents rather than "The Wire" while waiting for me to come home from work! I began him on his journey through the 'gate tonight by watching the first movie, and from the very beginning, he was totally mocking half of what was going on! For instance, when O'Neill and Jackson make it through the gate the first time, they all turn on flares, and his comment was (I kid you not)... if they had gay guys in the military they wouldn't need flares, we would just "flame on!" like Johnny Storm (and then of course he went off on what Johnny storm was actually wearing when he flamed on, including that pink midriff top and spandex bathing suit bikini bottoms *groan!*
Tonight was the first night my parents noticed Kevin's snarky side, graced with the comment "you spend too much time with Sam"... he's always been snarky, he's just comfortable enough in our house to show it even with my parents *happehsigh*
It was by far an enjoyable evening, though Kevin's colorful interpretation made me see SG in a whole new light! I will be forever more tainted *no!no!mustremainasinnocentasfirstseasonDaniel!!*

Kevin's Journey through the 'Gate so far:
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