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So I got to campus early today to go to class, and while I wait for hours on end for class to begin, I decided I'd volunteer to help out the MUN club here on campus by waiting in line for the "Involvement Fest" being held today on campus, to help student organizations get publicity and new blood... Anyhoo, I'm standing behind the table just typing away on my laptop, and this guy inquires about my t-shirt... I'm well known for wearing my obessions on my t-shirts... *everybody loved my "I went to Middle Earth, and all I got was this crummy "One Ring" shirt at AMUN* Today I just happened to be wearing my "Wizard in Training" HP shirt with the Hogwarts logo, and someone actually asked me about the shirt... the wanted to know what "Draco Dormiens Nanquam Titilandus" meant, which is the Hogwarts Motto... well naturally, I responded "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon" as that is the translation from the Latin... and this guy was like "Good!" which took me back a moment... He was quizzing me to see if I actually knew what I was wearing!! What the heck! Of course I passed *If you don't know my love for HP, just look at my color scheme *tis screaming Gryffindor* but I found it quite interesting that someone would test someone's obesssion like that... interesting... curious... *shallowly delightful that I knew my stuff*
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