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*SQUEEEEEE!* AMUN goodness!!

So, I wanted to put this entry in last night when I was first inspired to, but LJ was down!! *arrgh!* Nothing like not being able to add an entry at the time, and while I could have typed it up in word or something, its just not the same as off the cuff entries as I normally do! So anyways, onto the girlish squeeing I did last night.

I recieved the staff chronicle for American Model United Nations (which for those of you who do not know, is one of the largest collegiate Model United Nations simulations in the country). I've been on staff now for five years and *basks in a bit of ego* am the head of my department. Needless to say, I <3 AMUN, and it was literally a lifesaver when I wholeheartedly joined into it five years ago. I love just about everyone there, so meeting up means I get to see 100 of my best friends (and if you're not a close friend when we start out on a week of crazyness, you are by the end!) Anyways, so in the Chronicle, I was reading through a classic and wise series called "Dear AMUN goddess" which imparts truth and humor, mostly geared towards new staffers. To paraphrase, the question is 'why does the staff have to go to a separate training meeting (that we hold in September) and what's going to happen?'. The answer is of course long and detailed, so I will not quote it all. Basically we train for individuals (what exactly your role is on staff), for the team (why we do what we do, and all that jazz) and teambuilding... The teambuilding is of course total AMUN awesomeness. So, on to my *squee* part. After explaining that we would be teambuilding, the AMUN goddess stated (and I quote:)"It would be awfully frustrating to be at Conference and be told that Sam has the information you desperately need to complete the task laid before you, but not know WHO Sam is or even if Sam is a man or a woman or a good or bad egg (FYI, Sam is both a woman and a good egg and has the answers to many questions)." Anyways, it just makes me *squee* all over again (I <3 being loved!!)

Maybe this will get me to get my presentation done on purview!
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