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iPhone goodness

I totally love the new remote app for the iPhone!! its not perfect... it doesn't work with Front Row (the software that turns my computer into a userfriendly media viewer with easy to navigate controls); but when watching shows i prefer it being in Front Row or at least full screen iTunes (which means I have to go to the computer and set it that way first). But one of the things I really do like is the ability to search for songs or artists right on the bed with my phone rather than going to the computer, as well as the ability to navigate and continue listening while the computer screen is off for the night--which means i get total darkness and great music to lull me to sleep, or to keep me entertained while working on something else (and I don't want the glare of the computer to add more light to the environment.)

I went out today and bought a new charger just to keep next to my bed, because I can easily work thorugh the phone battery without actually talking on the phone just by using it as a remote! *happehsigh*

Anyways, its my goal to actually do some AMUN work today which I've not done in a long, long time.
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