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OMG We finished!!

my mother and I completed the 214th and final episode of Stargate SG-1 tonight shortly before midnight, a full two days before our original goal deadline... Mom even commented that she might be interested in starting all over again, but we will be doing it much slower with Kevin, as he's not around every night to watch four or five episodes at once... So, for the next 217 times Kevin comes over to the house, we will be watching a single episode? (the 217 includes the original 1994 movie, the 214 episodes, and the two subsequent movies, Ark of Truth and Continuum)

(by the way, our original July 8th deadline was so that we can watch the sequel movie "The Ark of Truth" with my godmother who is coming to town on Tuesday night, and who has been a fan of Stargate SG-1 since 1997 when the show originally premiered... the movie itself came out in May, but she has not had the opportunity to watch it yet... this is a perfect bonding experience for us gals! Neither my mother nor my godmother will have seen this movie when we watch it on Tuesday, and I can of course watch it again and again, especially since the Ori plot is so fresh in my mind.)

I love the fact my mother mourned the end of the journey, and we've embarked on a joint venture with my father to watch "The Wire" to quell his jealousies of my mother and my shared fandom... so for the next ten weeks or so on Sundays we'll be working through five seasons of The Wire, assuming we can get through five or six episodes each weekend. We will NOT be attempting too work through "The Wire" every day, so to make up for the significant lack of anything good at all to watch, we'll be starting "24" on Wednesday, which has always been a favorite of hers since she got into it during season 4... Who knows what will come afterwards, but we've got a good 120 episodes to work through before having to come to a decision.

Damn, I love TV on DVD...
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