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I suffer greatly... from fandoms!!

 Still around folks!!  Haven't updated my official blog in a while either, but i've been around, quietly searching, reading, enjoying everything that is my fandoms... *sigh*

I've since finished all ten seasons of Stargate SG1 and even two seasons of Stargate Atlantis, but I got my mother to watch Stargate with me, so we are working tirelessly through the ten seasons again.  We're trying to get through them all so that my godmother (who, as I didn't know, has been a huge SG1 fan since the beginning back in 1997!!!) can watch Ark of Truth with us, but at the rate we are going we'll only get through season 8, and unfortunately Ark of Truth deals directly only with seasons 9 & 10, the Ori plot.  But I'm enjoying it immensly as it is...
I feel quite sad for my dad though... he's incredibly jealous right now that my mother and I are watching Stargate as fervously as we are.  My father and I share a love for HBO TV shows, and over the past 15 years, that has been the basis of our "bonding" time together.  We've watche the Wire together since the first season, and with the final season finishing this past year, we made a point of waiting to see every episode until we were able to watch it together on OnDemand.  We literally planned out the time, and I know he immensely enjoyed this time.   It was "our" thing, and my mother has steadfastly thusfar refused to get into the Wire.  So, just about every evening when he emerges from his study to find mom and I googlyeyed over Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill (okay, so maybe i'm googlyeyed, but she really likes Teal'c) he huffs and puffs and whines... literally whines... "Why is it that you can watch all these episodes of Stargate (we're up to about 140 thusfar) and you can't watch 60 episodes of The Wire???"   Or else he'll just groan whenever the Asgard appear in their cliche skimpy grey bodies and oversized heads with black globe eyes.  If I didn't know deep down he was incredibly jealous, I'd note it was completely hilarious to watch....

So, I informed my mother that after we get through SG1 that she'll have to break down and watch the Wire....  Actually now that I think about it, it would be horrifically mean if I have my mother watch the first episode with me without my father... if he caught us watching the wire without him, he might just kick the both of us out of the house!  Oh i'm so evil!!!

My fandom for SG 1 has not stopped there... I've ventured back into fanfiction in a horrific way... I've never been a huge fan of fanfiction, and there are many types of it i shy away from... but i've come to realize that after Buffy/Angel, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis have the largest followings (followed then by Supernatural and strangely even Hannah Montana)... So I've been reading... and reading... and reading...  Some are really really good, and some are really not so good... I won't even touch the crossovers... I see my TV shows like I see my dinner plate... and lets just say i use the plates with the dividers so that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY my peas touch my potatoes.  But ah well.  I plan to link some of the better ones up here or my other blog in the near future, as I put my thoughts together...  but that is a project ive had little energy for as its all gone towards just reading.

Oh, and here's my self-slapping for the day... I left my effing iPhone at work last night on the charger!!!  I was already beginning to suffer from withdrawal ten minutes down the road when suddenly as i pass over the Potomac River onto I395 going into DC there is this huge full half arc rainbow that I'm driving right under!!!  And if it wasn't bad enough, this rainbow was so stark clear that it looked like someone took permanent markers and drew it into the sky!!  At  one point it fell right onto the Capitol building and hovered over churches and office buildings, each one of them being a perfect snapshot!  As I crossed over the Anacostia River, the Rainbow touched down to the ground in Anacostia Park and I literally saw the trees in shades of Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Purple... it was utterly amazing and heartbreaking in that I didn't have my iPhone, because at least then I could take a picture.  
Now I have a mantra I must repeat daily...  "I cannot survive without my iPhone"  "My iPhone must stay in my hands at all times"  "My iPhone is more important than oxygen"

anyhoo... *happehsigh* i've been meaning to update for a while now...
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