Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

I'm BACK!!!!

muahaha.... I've really tried to get the energy together to blog more often, but I find myself only wanting to complain about work, and honestly that isn't very healthy. So I have some good news!!

1. My layout is now complete... In general it is the same layout from before, but now its a perty orangy layout... am pleased with its simplicity and vibrance in color.

2. NANOWRIMO started today... So I'll be updating my prose and poetry journal tomorrow! I'll get you the link when i put up my first section (about 1120 words in so far, and somehow what started as a lighthearted sappy booklet is quickly about to turn tragic... bipolar much?)

3. I didn't participate in Holloween this year because I was too busy installing my beautiful new computer!!!
I bought myself a gorgeous 24" iMac, with all the trimmings: 2.8gHz Intel Dual Core extreme processor, 4 gigs of memory, a terabyte hard drive (yeah, already used up 200 gigs of it, and still going strong!!) a kickass video/graphics card, built in iSight camera, and of course it came with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard!!
Why didn't I buy a laptop you ask?? Because my Powerbook G4 is still running wonderfully (minus the whole ran out of hard drive space) so once I take off a couple more unneccessary files on the laptop (since they are on the desktop now), I can take it on the go wherever I need to be! Plus they already are getting along together... Transferring everything over was really just a couple clicks of a button, and it even installed Microsoft office for Mac and Adobe CS1 without me having to pull out the product keys again. It was wonderful

4. I finally got through the entire installation of the Adobe CS3 Master Suite, though I had to let it run all night and into the morning... I actually look forward to getting my hands dirty with some of the new programs, and I definately want to see how Macromedia's Dreamweaver (which i've used for years) was integrated into CS3 when it was bought out by Adobe.

Anyways, I have a picture... this is the setup I plan to keep for my dual computers... I still have my old Samsung monitor I want to find a place for, because this monitor has been absolutely fabulous for being five years old... it just looks so small compared to the iMac though... I will work on that this weekend.
So, just to keep everyone familiar... the laptop on the left is Walter, and i christened the iMac Henry.

Anyways, November is about to get crazy!!! But I really want to get back into blogging, and the only way for me to do it is to know someone out there is reading!!!
Leave me a comment and tell me how insanely jealous you are of Henry!!!

love ya all much!
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