Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

Yes, I've finished

I've now had 24 hours to soak in the last chapter of the epic that is Harry Potter... I also very impatiently waited until my mother finished to gabber on with someone about it... to tally up, of the people I went to the premier with, Kev finished it first, at just before noon saturday... I was done by nine pm, and my mother finished up about 1045 tonight... my sister still has to complete (she's only on chapter 14!) and I haven't asked my other premiere-mate. But if any of you have finished and need someone to chat with about it, IM me, I might just be available!! I'm not posting any responses to the books on my blogs for the sake of others who have not finished the book yet, and I don't know why, i'm not in the mood to just read others responses, especially people i've never met before! Anyhoo... for more information on my immediate (but not spoiler) responses, check out my blog on (call me crazy, I don't see the point in reposting the same material over again)
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