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One More time... time to begin once more

Greetings to my non-existant reading population. Alas I have once again been given my identity back. samantilles is back!! My identity was robbed from me on October 25 of 2005 after a malicious 14 year old hacked into my blog and began deleting entries. Why would someone do such a thing? Good Question. I asked her when she faced criminal identity theft charges last October when I took her to court. Her official response? "I don't know". Sure. I can only conclude two reasons. 1.) I caught her in the act of trying to purchase a brand new iBook from apple with my account and credit card number, and she became vicious and decided to attack me in the only other way possible, by deleting my blog. The other option: She wanted my permanent account status for her own, which would explain why she cahnged hte username to something that would be identifying to herself. One act of cruelty to someone who <3's blogging has seriously damaged me. I had my username, a name i've gone by for years (eight to be precise) taken from me. Its like denying a name to a human being, which by the way is against the International Declaration of the rights of the Child. Every person is entitled to a name. Only now has it been restored to me, and I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to be once again samantilles. However, much has changed. I largely stopped blogging on LJ because with the loss of my name i lost many readers. I have a new home now, on my own server: I hope to renew connections with people, nad to make more connections. The wonder of LJ is the community. I get a few readers now and then on my blog, but none to what I got here on LJ. I must learn then to double up my blogging, or merge the two together somehow. Knowing people out there are listening to me will help in that (yeah, thats a nice way of saying i'm still a comment whore!!!). I also hope to restore some of the entries that were deleted by the malevolent hacker, but I might not be able to. But what is even worse, since the tragedy, I've largely stopped blogging on a daily and regular scale. I must once again fall in love with blogging. I need help in that area as well. For those of you who might have been used to seeing hijackedsoul, continue to read me! also don't forget in the interim to sign up for my syndication from my home blog here: samanthasmusing. I hope to find my love for blogging once more, and I really can't begin to say how glad I am to be samantilles once more.
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