Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha


For all those wondering who has just friended you, if you do not recognize the journal layout, you might recognize the journal name samantilles As you can tell from the previous dates on this journal, I have not updated since October, when samantilles was hijacked and stolen away. But even in my absence from blogging, I have yearned to return. But alas, I have not returned permanently to LiveJournal. Instead I started an independent journal on my own server, I have friended each of you because you had friended me back when I was samantilles or when I was iamnotdefeated. Even though I hope each of you visits my site regularly, I recognize that the beauty of lj was the ability to read everyone else's entries on your friend's page, and so I have also created a syndication account here for you to friend and read along from this site. The syndication account is samanthasmusing.

For those of you finding my site for the first time, feel free to add me. I doubt I will be adding much to this particular journal in the near future, but I will keep it open for friending purposes and for people to find my site. Happy Reading People!

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