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there are days...

Yeah, I can be an idiot sometimes!! I got my ass up early this morning, not to mention not going to bed till late, to finish a homework assignment due today at 11 am. But I didn't quite get everything needed. I knew what needed to be done, but we didn't have the tools to do them... *sheesh*... Little did I realize that the homework had been pushed back last week, so that it wasn't due today at 11, but next week at 11 am!!! *AAARRRGGGHHH* I'm never happy when I think I've lost unnecessary sleep... So given that i didn't have the tools needed to get the homework complete, I also took the opportunity for some ass-kissing er, showing eagerness to learn, by visiting the professor during office hours, which is the hour immediately before class. Other than actually having most of it correct and "well done" *puff out chest* she told me what I needed to do, and in under an hour, managed to correct the assignment, reprinting it from a school printer, and actually handed it in on time according to the original syllabus, and over a week early... At least it pays off. Next monday we have a quiz in this class, and on wednesday our midterm exam. Now, everyone else in the class also has homework due at the time of the quiz. But not meeeee!!!!! *does happeh dance*. And I don't have to worry about it anymore, especially since I know I did it right... now if only she'd hand me back my perfect second quiz... I'd be much happier...

Oh, and on another note, I totally got a callback from the Martin O'Malley for Governor Campaign for my resume!! Right now, its looking like I will volunteer time (do I have any time to spare, outside of the hours between 1-5 am? not really, not with the job I just got) until hopefully the end of the year when they will hire full time campaign staff, of which I am hopefully qualified to do!! I sent them a reference to Dr. Silverman, who will tell them I'm the best thing since sliced bread... (gosh I really <3 Dr. Silverman, he's too nice!!) I worked on Dr. Silverman's campaign for the Rock Hill School Board two years ago, not to mention being his unofficial administrative assistant for over three years and having my own assigned couch right outside his office that I sat in every day for three years (until they took my couch away and gave me a bench... I was not happy about that... but then i sat on a big 'ole ottoman, which was nice and comfy, thank goodness)... but I digress... I still <3<3<3<3 Dr. Silverman...
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