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in class... again

So, I'm sitting in class, which honestly might be my favorite time to update my LJ because if I actually had to sit and pay total attention, I'd probably pull my hair out!
Anyways... I'm annoyed. The syllabus specifically states that the Lab assigned is due exactly one week from assignment date, at 11am. But we don't just hand in the labs. We must present them. So, the rest of the class has seemed to get the idea that they can complete the assignment while everyone else is presenting, essentially giving themselves extra time to complete the assignment. Well, we've all crammed to complete an assignment we've forgotten now and then at the very beginning of class, but today we were presented with a new problem. Only one person was ready to present. Me. But I wasn't in the mood to present first. I've presented first the last two labs, and any more and I might gain that "teacher's pet" reputation. I don't want that reputation. I am a teacher's pet, but not for this professor. I gladly keep the title of teacher's pet for Dr. Silverman, my mentor. I'll even claim it for some of the other professors at Winthrop. But not here. I'm also ultra-righteously annoyed that I am the only person to complete the assignment BEFORE the due date and time! For crying out loud folks! Its a three hour assignment and you were given 168 hours to complete it! I think that I'm more annoyed that I took time out of my schedule to complete the assignment when it turns out maybe its not necessary... no one else seems to have taken time to do this assignment either.
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