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Violence ridden in A History of Violence?

So, last night I went to go see A History of Violence featuring jeffinerlee's dreamhunk, Viggo Mortensen. For those of you who might not be as, um whats the word?, TOLKIEN OBSESSED you may not realize that Viggo also played the role of his life as Elessar King, Aragorn, Strider, and Estel in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movies. He's royalty, so we must respect him *g*
Anyways, I should have realized off hand just how the movie would go when right in the credits was the words "Based on the Graphic Novel"... No, it wasn't as graphically violent as Sin City but lets just say the production team did not spare any gratuitous sex or grotesque violence. The 69 scene five minutes into the film only confirmed the "Graphic Novel" approach to the movie. I didn't mind the violence too terribly, after all, some of the greatest films had similar violence, like The Untouchables with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery, and of course The Godfather with the horse head between the sheets and the tollbooth scene and the death of Sonny. But sitting in the theatre next to my mom just made me cringe that I was watching these scenes... call me wierd, but it makes me sqirmish to watch sex on a screen with one or both of my parents also watching... maybe its an inherent instinct to protect my facade of innocence with them, or something else, but I get sqirmish only around them... I also thought that we were left at the end without really a satisfactory ending... The crowd agreed with me with a bunch of groans when the credits started and we at least expected Mrs. Still to say SOMETHING...
Now, the movie wasn't the only thing about the evening... my mother also made the mistake of leaving her cell phone on full volume ringer again. Yes, again. When we went to see Lord of War, my sister called in the middle of it, interrupting the film, and forcing me to answer my own silent one afterwards when my sister called my cell after not being able to get someone on the phone for my mom. Now I thought my mother would have learned her lesson, but no. My sister calls again during this film, and the ringer is just astronomically loud. Despite the fact that my own cell was in my new favorite place for it (look a couple entries down for the backstory) and silently vigrating for the call, I was the one who was forced to make my way from the crowded row to the entryway to the theatre to answer the phone. And of course this time, we not only got the groaning for the ringer, but the very loud "TURN THE DAMN PHONE OFF!" shout, which just made me turn red. So while I was out there, I called my sister back only to get the "You're in a movie again? You bitches!" and the hang-up, and turn my mother's phone to silent. I actually had to teach her how to turn her cell to silent after the film, since I sunk into my seat and waited for everyone else to leave the theatre... this crowd seemed like the type of crowd that someone might have come up to me afterwards to bitch me out for answering mom's damned cell phone, and I wasn't in the mood for it... correction: I'm never in the mood for it, and I'd much more prevent confrontation than get in other people's face about it. *sosigh*
So I'm sitting in class today, though I seriously came really close to cutting class today. I wanted to cut class because we had a quiz, and honestly, I wasn't in the mood this morning. Our syllabus allows for one quiz to be missed, as the lowest grade is dropped, which provided the perfect excuse to cut today... but unfortunately, the syllabus also only allows for three absences in the semester, of which two will be used for the AMUN conference in November... which means that I have only one possible cut day... I must save that for a better use than a little bit of extra sleeping time... though I'm desperately wanting sleep right now... But on the positive side, I totally nailed the quiz, even with, I think, being the only person able to answer the last question. And trust me, it was by sheer luck i got the last one... that sentence was the last thing I looked at before closing the book, and I came very close to not remembering what I had read, and further of even getting to go over that sentence in the chapter summary. *whew* so I am happeh I showed up today, as its a guaranteed good quiz grade, and my dropped quiz can still come later.
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