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Well, I didn't get home till I dealt with DC morning rush hour... Lets just say that my original goal was to be home around 2, which could have been done if I had not gone to Vienna to drop off my passenger... I was not a happy camper to be stuck in traffic after being on the road for about 14 hours. But I made it home safe and sound and went to bed for a full six hours... yeah, only six... Damn it if I didn't wake up and have to do other stuff today before going to class... *bleh*
So what did i have to do today?? I had to make yet another doctor's appointment, which I hate doing, because my office makes you jump through hoops. Then I had to go and upgrade my perfectly usable and working Office XP to Office 2003 because my databasing professor stated that I cannot use XP at all, and that if I could not find a copy of Access 2003, I would have to drop the course. Because obviously there is a big difference between XP and 2003... *grrr* So I had to spend a few hours, even some in the background while in class, deleting out Office XP and reinstalling Office 2003...
It might be a sad day that I have no guilt in installing software in class, which is where I am, but alas I don't. I am now in my 3rd hour of Introduction to HTML and have successfully done all the tedious things necessary to keep me organized... I updated my to-do lists, changed over my schedule and added new events, and even had time to sync my iPod. And now of course I'm updating my ever wonderful LiveJournal...

As for the weekend, it was good... I don't want to go into much detail or be a horrible person and gossip (Because like every gal, I can soooo gossip), so I'm not... but I had a good time... I might fill in more later, but don't count on it.... I'm still largely braindead. Happily braindead.
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