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So today's Introduction to Object Oriented Programming wasn't as fantastic as last time... it was in the lab, and since I'd be sharing a computer with someone else, I couldn't pull Walter out... poor baby... Walter doesn't like it when I use another computer, he really doesn't. He likes to act up, like burning through his battery in sleep mode. Bad Walter. But that aside, my affair with the Acer in the lab was shortlived. Why? Because we HAVE to work with partners. Fortunately for me, I think I found the partner with the most Forrest Gump attributes possible. See, I don't like working with partners I don't know. You know why? Because my grade depends on it. The simple fact is, unless I've known the person for a while and trust his/her academic integrity and seriousness, I know that I'll be screwed up the rear end yet again. I've had countless experiences where I've been forced to depend on someone else to do a vital part of the assignment and it doesn't get done. So either way I have to do it all myself. Now, if I had not been assigned a partner, I wouldn't have had to get snooty and snotty with my dote of a partner and stress myself out even further than before. So having partner=unnecessary stress. It doesn't work; not in the classroom anyways. At least with the most dimwitted of the students in the class, my partner will be more likely to run with it and be grateful of the ride he's being given. Sure he'll still have to do work, but as I'll also be doing a copy, he can learn from his mistakes when I help him correct it to what my version is, then hand it in with a better grade than he would have gotten on his own. I don't claim anything but the ability to work hard. I know with whatever it is I have, I work hard, and I usually get the right response, 3.76 times of 4 (which is what my GPA is). Grades aren't everything, but when people take classes to have the grades and the required classes on the transcripts, then the purpose of the class no longer becomes learning, but pulling the grade that will make it look like you learned something. My goal, as with every class, is to actually learn something; but this time, more than others, the grade counts, and I will jump through whatever silly hoops people make me, sadly enough.
Back to packing for the awesomeness that is Labor Day with AMUN!!!!
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