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Classes: Day 2 (yeah, there wasn't a day one, though there was supposed to be...)

Day 1 overview... I had my Introduction to Object Oriented Programming class. Lets just say, I really liked the professor right off the bat. First and foremost, I liked her because like me she dropped off her first name in favor of her middle name, and of course the name she dropped was the same as mine, Laura. How cool is that... lets just say I'll never have to explain why I dropped Laura as a name. Too Cool... Secondly, I was impressed with her CV. She not only had a Masters in Computer science, but one also in Computer Information Systems and a PhD in the same. A PhD teacher at a community college is not as common as those with just a Masters degree. Apparently the class is new this semester and it is a direct introduction to what will be taught in Java, which is my intermediate goal right now. Now, this class isn't all peaches and cream. I had to fill out a "Computer Competency Exam" for the first assignment that was total crap... it included internet searching, requiring searching not any search engine, but three specific ones to answer junk questions. But the part I loved about this exam was having to answer questions based off of three specific websites THAT DIDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! One came closer than the other two, but the all worked off the base knowledge that they failed to give in the first place! One of the sites was "Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Number systems for dummies" but yet didn't include any of the dummy information to begin with... they didn't explain the number system math and how its derived, or how and why they are needed (like the fact that computers can only comprehend basic circuitry "ON" and "OFF"!!) So I spent the better part of several hours fuming at resources that actually arent resources at all, pulling out my decade old "Introduction to Computers" book to find the actual answers. Funny thing though, in my decade old textbook, it said that only mainframe supercomputers can have gigabytes of memory... yeah, my Mac Powerbook has a gig of RAM and 100GB harddrive... some mainframe supercomputer it is!...
So now i'm sitting in my HTML Programming and oh my goodness!! My professor has got a set of lungs on her... if I had my full hearing, I'd be in trouble! But this is a definite return to the absolute beginning basics. I've not made up my mind on my professor yet, but she's growing on me a bit right now... the verdict will be in next week most likely... we also have to produce a 7 page website... I might be able to work with her to work on one of my standing projects, or even get my superspecial project off the ground... but more on that later...
*sigh* at least this will be different than mundane reading.
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