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another one bites the dust!

While washing my face and brushing my teeth, I finally finished Ender's Shadow the concurring sequel to Ender's Game. I enjoyed it immensely; I found the story of Bean very engaging, and I felt a sympathy for the character I didn't feel as much for in Ender, at least in the original Ender's Game. Now in Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind I did find that sympathy for Ender as a 3,000 year old adult. There were also significant differences between the book, and with the two of the books together, you get a better understanding of Battle School and the wars when you can combine both the stories together. Bean and Ender are very different people; one came from a loving family, and the other was a three year old living on the slum streets of Rotterdam. One was genetically altered to become a genius; the other had two siblings just as intelligent. One was the commander who committed the act of Xenocide, the other was his second in command and knew the act was Xenocide when it happened. Altogether very interesting.
Also interesting was the afterward added to the end of "Ender's Shadow" on audiobook, when Orson Scott Card very clearly explained why I love audiobooks....
"in fact I think the strongest presentation of any of my books are what you just experienced; which is having them read to you so that presumably you can let the pictures form in your eyes without having to have your eyes open looking at words on a page."
SoooSooo true!
Anyways, off to do other things... I'll fill in more later!
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