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updates for today:
Well, I've been working on updating my Mac to handle my coursework for school... unfortunately, only the graphics design class requires work on a macintosh. the others all require PCs. Its a good thing I just recieved my laptop back, otherwise I'd be in trouble. But, the system doesn't seem to be wanting to work well, so I finally broke down and installed Virtual PC onto my mac, allowing me to emulate a Windows environment and run Windows only programs on my beautiful Macintosh, Walter. I've installed Access, and am in the process of installing Publisher, to be followed with ColdFusion by Macromedia, along with Homesite, and then adding a few programs I've missed dearly, like my dictionary translation program that allows me to translate words into loads of languages (which is good for saying Happy Birthday, or Congrats on your New Car, etc).

Classes officially start Monday, and my mother and I are also starting Water Aerobics on monday night! go us!

back to the computer, I needed desperately to clean out my desktop, which is where I store things that I have yet to sort and put in their rightful place. I finally finished another eight fandom buttons o'pride, which while they aren't my best work, they do the trick:

and to finish on from last time:
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