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my future, apparently

So, I've come to a few decisions today, and have acted on them. As of now, I am a Computer Science major at Anne Arundel Community College, formerly being a graduate student in History at UMBC. Officially I am still a grad student on "leave of absence", but in the meantime I will be taking a few basic courses in CompSci, including:
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
HTML Programming
Introduction to Personal Database Management
Introductory Graphic Design
Some of you might wonder why I would be taking introductory classes, even though I have experience in both HTML/CSS programming and graphic design. The simple fact is, despite the fact I have experience, I've never had any official classwork. And, I need these courses to advance to ones I don't know, like Java programming, Visual Basic.NET, and C. Secondly, I can manipulate code, but I cannot program. What I have learned on my own is not sufficient if I want to be self-sufficient in computer science skills and as a bonus for my resume.
I also find myself in a rut in my graduate department, as I am not interested in the classes offered, and for the archival administration alternatives, I've already taken all the courses available. I am not decided on what I want to do for my thesis, or what is available and able to get past committee, and if I'm going to do a thesis project, I need some computer skills to make it really unique.
Plus, tuition wise my parents are really making out. 13 credits at AACC is $1122, whereas 3 credits of graduate work at UMBC is $1100. Therefore, I'm paying to be full time at AACC for taking only one class at UMBC for the same price. I need between 3-4 classes at UMBC to be full time there. And I need to stay full time to stay on Insurance.
Mom and I are going to sign up also for Water Aerobics Monday/Wednesday evening. Some goodole Mother/Daughter bonding, and we can use some bonding really.
So, yeah... I went from history to compsci.
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