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well diggitydogwelldone, I've finally completed Christopher Paolini's Eragon, which considering that the sequel of it is released right now (August 23rd at midnight) is a good thing. I don't have to wait long for the sequel! I noticed early on in the book heavy influences by Tolkien's work, not only when it came to the names given, using similar phonetics to differentiate the races, such as the deeper nordic pronunciations for Dwarves, flowing and airy elvish names, and other than the very similar Eragon to the King Elessar, Aragorn, the human names also seems to follow that same path. It is a story of Men, Dwarves, and Elves (sound familiar?) though at least here the tales of Dragons, also not an unfamiliarity to Tolkien's Smaug, are also included in greater fashion. The King, who can both be compared to Sauron and Saruman, is very obviously evil, yet strong in magic... something tells me if Tolkien hadn't made Sauron a great eye in order to help conquer mortality, it would fit in this story. Names that reference locations also bear strong semblences to Tolkien's Elvish languages, using the URU-, -DIN, and -DUR suffixes and prefixes in the same manner as Tolkien. Paolini drew upon several sources for his names, including Tronjheim, which I swore I had heard of before. I had, in fact, as Trondheim is a city in Norway. Trondheim is not the capital of Norway, for that is Oslo. However, Trondheim is among one of the three main cities of Norway, and also is a Royal residence.
Outside of the influences that caught my attention a few too many times, the story was simply written, but good. For me, there wasn't enough description in some of the actions going on, though for scenery, the decription was more than adequate. I found times when Eragon defeated a bunch of Urgals (yeah, think Orcs there too) without enough explanation, but otherwise. I also noticed that Paolini was a bit of a sadist to his main character, Eragon. Actually he was quite a sadist to most of his characters. But in more chapters than not, the sections tended to end with Eragon losing consciousness, sometimes having many wounds that he will too quickly recover from. I think I noticed that perhaps more than others because that is a fault in my own writing. Most of my characters would never survive a trilogy of novels, let alone one. Like Hamlet I'm afraid only a soldier and a student might remain, all others having slain themselves or by the hand of another before the end of the fifth act. ah well...
So Eragon is done, and before my time goal. I wanted it done before the sequel was released. I didn't expect though that I'd only succeed my goal by a full 15 minutes! I have updated my book list to the left a bit!
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