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odd this and that

*sigh* well first of all I quit my job at Books-a-Million yesterday, effective after Labor Day *as I'm out of town for Labor Day, its perfect to end my two weeks notice.* It also turns out five others quit from the store this week as well, which is very curious. anyhoo, onto other randomness.
Friday a week ago my mother and I went to Costco to do a bit o'shopping in that bulk two gallon jar of mayonnaise way. But Costco isn't only just a bulk item store, it also happens to have a bit of books, CDs, DVDs and children's clothes, not to mention a whole isle dedicated to socks. Their prices for these single items are actually reasonable, and sometimes dirt cheap! Three weeks or so my mother and I purchased Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on audio CD, which even with my big discount at Books-a-Million as an employee would still have run at $45 out of my pocket. Costco sold it to me for $38 just for being a Costco Member. So, Friday a week ago, I browsed through the DVD's and came across the first season of "The West Wing" on DVD for $39, which at most places I've looked at sold it for anywhere bewtween $60 and $75. Then to top it off, they gave me a rebate for $10, and Warner Brothers also had a discount for buying multiple seasons of shows on DVD *mix and match of course!* So I bought the first season. Today is now Monday, and I've not only bought Seasons 2,3, and 4, but have also managed to watch them in their entirety. 88 episodes I have now watched of "The West Wing" and all I can say is I'm absolutely in love with it! For the first time in a while its getting me back into a political perspective, which considering that I have a degree in politics, I should have anyways! The show has brought back the debate on the issues, and actually made me consider my opinion in the domestic affairs, even though traditionally I've only really dealt with the international perspectives. But now I'm through with the 4th Season, and Costco doesn't have Season 5 on DVD *cries*... so yeah, i'm on a "West Wing" kick right now. Deal with it!

On a second note, I came across a bookmark at Barnes and Noble the other day that I just fell in love with. Its a cute baby golden lab sitting on top of a pile of classical books. in addition to it being absolutely cute, I was also intrigued as to the books they chose to sit the puppeh on top of. I've also decided that I'm going to challenge myself to read all of these books in the next year. By September 1, 2006, I plan to have read all but one of the books, as its a fecking huge one, but I'll try. This list does include a couple that I have read, and they are marked so, but my goal is to complete the list. Some I might have completed before, but unless marked completed, I am adding them back to the list and I plan to reread them, like Dracula which I had to read as a freshman of High School... I barely remember the book, except that I marked in my copy of the book the day I completed the reading of it, as an exam I took on the book shoved inside of it.
The books listed are:
1.) Peter Pan~JM Barrie
2.) Tale of Two Cities~Charles Dickens
3.) Around the World in 80 Days~Jules Verne (completed)
4.) The Hobbit~JRR Tolkien (Completed a few times over)
5.) Dracula~Bram Stoker
6.) The Mysterious Stranger~Mark Twain
7.) Moby Dick~Herman Melville (half way through)
8.) Pride and Prejudice~Jane Austen
9.) The Hunchback of Notre Dame~Victor Hugo
10.) Silas Marner~TS Eliot
11.) Treasure Island~Robert Lewis Stevenson
12.) the Prince and the Pauper~Mark Twain
and the book I don't guarantee to complete: The Complete Works of Plato. Yeah, the book is monumental compared to the sixe of the rest of them, and Plato hasn't ever been on my super duper author list. But I'll work through him eventually I think.

I'm pretty positive I broke my toe on Tuesday as I rammed my toe into my sister's luggage wheel. to be absolutely gross and explain it all, I actually managed to break off most of the nail and drive it into three separate cuts into the toe, not to mention that it blued up and became a nice shade of purple. It still hurts, but at least its not excruciating to put any pressure on it, including a band-aid.

well, I'm off to finish Eragon which took a back seat to 88 episodes of "The West Wing"...
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