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hmmmmmm.... *sigh*

Well, I'm still fuming about my car *sighwimper* my beautiful beautiful car *cries now* but I can't do anything about it at all in Chicago, so oh well....

Yeah, by the way, I'm in Chicago! Im here for a training session for the Secretariat to the American Model United Nations International Conference which is held the week preceeding Thanksgiving. I'm a first year secretariat for AMUN, so the whole training session, let alone the ninety plus people I don't know, is all new to me. I've been secretariat before, which I loved, and I had originally signed up last year after the chair of my committee recommended me and because I honestly hoped I wouldn't be in school anymore. If I'm not in school, I can't compete in Model UN, but I can be secretariat... so it guaranteed that I can continue Model UNning after I graduate/drop out/get away from school, which totally rocks! So here I am... I was dreadding coming actually, because for nearly three months most of my RL email accounts have been royally screwed over, and I hadn't a) heard anything at all from the AMUN executive committee for three months, and I had b) found out that the report I did for the research portion was lost on the Under Secretary General's computer, and he never got a replacement copy I sent him *through my screwed up accounts* so someone else jumped in and wrote it... But everybody's been really awesome here about it *since they have the return emails to prove I haven't recieved anything, and they were superglad I was phonehappy to call up Matt *who is our Secretary General this year* to make it here.

Mind you making it here in the first place was a bit of a hassel, not in terms of the "no communication" bit *which was difficult in and of itself* but physically getting my ass ready the two days beforehand... I walked out of the house going to the airport in sopping wet hair, bleeding legs *I attempted a quick shave, which now I just have mutilated legs *sigh** and still packing up my last bag in the car... *I'm the only one for whom the trip to the airport is a five minute drive *sigh*. Everything I had planned on taking care of Thursday was shot with having to take care of the keyed car, so I was about 12 hours *at best* behind getting stuff done... I still haven't done the homework I wanted to before I left... I faired out well at the airport, as on a Friday evening, I didn't have to wait in line for a porter to check my bag, didn't have to wait at security, and was at the terminal 1/2 hour after I got to the airport *a personal best for me* and I found a power jack and typed my little heart away for an hour before we flew... I sat next to two gorgeous guys on the plane, one who was travelling from Sicily to Seattle to be near his father who just had a heart attack *sigh* who is in the Navy, and a gorgeous Italian who was just visiting Chicago "just because" I had to hold back the nausia as I wasnt in the mood to try to get around them to go throw up *I don't do planes that well* but the scenery was gorgeous... we took off at dusk and headed west, so I got this beautiful view right in front of my of the deep reds, golds, and darkening hues of blue in the sky *g* My mother would have been happy though, four guys picked me up at the airport to drive me to the hotel *all from AMUN*

Anyhoo, more to come when I get back online sometime today...
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