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it would have been nice...

if I didn't get repeatedly awakened by my mom and my sister running into each other, arguing about moving cars and getting out of the house on time (which happened at about 8:15 this morning, almost an hour er my mother normally leaves the house) along with a bit of door slamming, followed by several phone calls for my "out of the country" dad, only to be awakened again at 9:11 when some kid strolls up to the front door and my dog starts up on her barking... Cocoa is normally a very silent dog, a little whining here and there, but only barks on rare occassion... well Cocoa wouldn't shut up while the kid was in the court, so by then I was officially awake. *sigh* it would have been nice to sleep in when I was actually sleeping very wonderfully and comfortably!!
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