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"[Sam] drew a big breath. 'Well, I'm back,' [she] said." Well, I'm no hobbit, but I definately relate to the last sentence of LotR tonight. I have safely returned home from Naperville, Suburbian Chicago, Illinois, back to Baltimore, and now have a 87 someodd pound dog clinging to me with as much contact as possible tonight. I come home in happiness, and a twinge of sorrow, in memories and laughs i'll never forget, and with the knowledge i've come home making at least two people's weekends a little brighter (so they claim *g*) But I also came home to some saddening, yet not quite unexpected news about a close and personal friend of mine, who at this point I can only wish to fly out and give him the biggest hug he's ever recieved, or to at least comfort him in whatever way possible. I <<<333 you sooo much Paul!!

As to AMUN, all i can say right now is wow!! *it is now three thirty, and I returned home an hour and a half ago, and yet am just now getting to this post, so its been a long evening *g* I will definately fill in AMUN retreat part two tomorrow (and I promise at least one laugh *g*)\

And just in case I haven't told you I love you recently (and its a good thing love is not a finite and tangible object, otherwise i'd be screwed deciding between people!):
I love you Paul!! (I wish I could fly out there right now and give you a big hug!!!)
I love you Crystal!!! (I can't wait until June!!)
I love you Laila!! (take care of Crystal, okay?)
I love you Jenni!!!! (can't wait to meet Jeremy!!)
I love you Cara!!! (or see John again after two years!! *gah, has it been that long?*)
I love you Tania!!! (to the only girl who actually answers her cell phone!)
I love you Rori/Jenn (even if I missed you in Indiana!!)
I love you Jay/Aeo (he'll realize he's a moron)
I love you Justin (because you didn't total my car this weekend!!)
I love you Joe (and you got a job!!!)
I love you Rene (for that midnight phone call *better than the boy bands!*)
I love all AMUN peoples (and I could name all of you, but that would keep me up way past my bedtime!!)
and sooo many more *bighugs* I've already told Cocoa that I love her, and with that I'm off to bed...
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