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me: ohmygoodness my sister just made me bleed!!!! *eeekk*

rene: *blink*

rene: scratch you?

me: she came running into my room with a permaent pen and managed to break skin while trying to draw flowers on my face

rene: *giggle*

rene: your sister seems dorky

me: normally its permanent markers with the felt tips, but she went for the metal tip pens this time

me: she is

rene: ugh

rene: ouch

me: she's well known for her permanent marker massacres... she calls them wars, but they are all one sided...

rene: as you have nothing to defend youself with

me: not usually... i don't carry permanent markers around... i'll leave them in my pockets, and then I'll never remember to get them out before laundry day
kehowe83: hehe, i got you bleeding!!!
kehowe83: i feel demonic right now

me: what she just im'mmed me

rene: ok. that just upped her dork status

me: *dies*

okay, rene totally rocks!!!
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