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well, I didn't make it to the bookstore today, but thats okay....
I did make it however to Comp USA... I picked up my monitor, my PCMCIA compact flash adapter, a compact flash reader for my parents, and the unexpected, but highly needed buy, a 300GB external hard drive. Yeah... as it turns out, this weekend, my computer had a hissy fit this weekend and informed me that I had only 2 MEGs of space *yeah, you read it right, 2 MEGS!! of space left* hell, one picture of my photography is over 2 megs, which means I couldn't put anythign left on it... well, the external hard drive that I purchased will hold plenty of pictures *weee* and is plug and play, which means it can be hooked up to any computer, mac or PC, and read... its like a ginormous memory stick... but fortunately not as easy to lose... its about the size of a medium sized cd holder.

I think it will really solve my hard drive space problem
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