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apparently I rock at handling the gallery lettering jobs at Special Collections... Every semester we put up a new exhibit in our gallery, which is part of the special collections department... last semester we did "A Thousand Hounds" and coming this semester will be "Suburban Journal: The Sketchbooks, Drawings and Prints of Charlie Ritchie"... well last semester Cynthia, the director of the gallery, pulled me out of special collections, to give her a hand with the lettering, which is a vinyl decal kinda thing, which has to be applied to a fresh coat of paint... apparently I did a good job, far better than some of the horror stories that she told me about today, so naturally she pulled me out again today to do the new show.... I do enjoy doing it believe it or not... its kinda a mixture between applying decals to a car and binding books with plastic but on a much larger scale *g* well, after one set of letters, *we had four sets to go up* I had the rare thought, and figured out an improved way to put up the letterings by perforating the paper lining to each letter *rather than pull the full sheet off bit by bit... and it seemed to work very well... it didn't help that the painter used matte paint rather than a semigloss, and the letters didn't want to stick to it at all... I think Cynthia will find peeling letters when she goes in tomorrow...I'm kinda hoping some spray adhesive might work... but i'm not going into work tomorrow so that I can get ready for the weekend...
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