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*sigh* thank goodness cocoa didn't kick me off the bed last night... she normally sleeps with my sister, who has a huge queen bed in her room, but on nights that she's not around, or cheezed off with the dog, she has to sleep with me... so she goes from a luxury queen bed to a twin in my room... its not very fair on either end, mine nor hers.... i'm crunched to be up against the wall and I personally get only maybe 30% of the bed while at least she gets to spread out a bit, but even then her paws usually hang over the edge of the bed, which i think is not that comfortable for her... but the one thing i realized when she spends the night in my room is I don't need my electric blanket on the bed.... she's a furnace of heat, especially on the twin when she's buried herself up on my side...
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