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zahyr and I came across something quite interesting today... a fanfic, or so it looks like, by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Author of Mists of Avalon, as well as a multitude of science-fiction/fantasy works) on Arwen's Evenstar jewel, and its tales from Boromir, Steward of Gondor *no, not Boromir from the Lord of the Rings* through its passing with Frodo on the ships to Valinor...  Haven't had too much of a chance to read through the forty someodd pages, but I think it would be an interesting read... MZB was well known as  a Tolkien scholar, at least in terms of what she wrote in her Fantasy Amateur Press publications that I work with.  I would give her work a lot more credibility for being "Tolkien correct" than I would most, and that says a lot....

I hope to transcribe it into a word document or some other digital media next week after everything I have is due, so if anyone is interested in a copy, please leave a comment below *yeah, you could IM me, but I'll forget... leave the comment, even if anonymous, but include your name please*
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