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yeah, so you might have noticed, I have a new layout *g* Twas inspired by the ickle leaf in my title graphic, taken by me on Saturday. I should note though that until I get some updates on this baby, that included in the graphics were Photoshop paintbrushes created by Truly Sarah.  In addition to my photoshop experiment, as I purchased it Wednesday and loaded it along with another 512megs of memory to my laptop on Friday, I also took my camera out on Saturday and took some wee pictures... A few turned out well, several didn't, but no worries... but I am very very pleased to boast and show off the three good ones that came out on Saturday, and added them to my "awesome photos" album which can be found here:  Please tell me what you think of both the layout and the photos, as I am looking for opinions on my mediocre work *g* thanks!

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