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I have no strength to resist

Yeah, so I acted on impulse today *sigh*... After waiting several hours for Petsmart to give my puppeh a bath, I wasted the last half an hour at the Books A Million across the street... I almost walked out empty handed when they didn't have anything on the author that I was looking for... and then I remembered Bradbury's story from yesterday... I really have grown quite fond of his works recently, and searching around, I came across his complete anthology of short stories on the shelf, just all sitting there just begging to be bought...
So I take a look inside this massive red hard bound book, and back about nine hundred pages is "The Smile"... sure enough it was there *G* So with a grimace on my face, I shut my eyes and flipped the book to the back cover to glare at the price I'm sure I couldn't afford... but fate smiled down upon me, and the sticker price was listed at $30 bucks for this massive book! But I would not walk out with only a thirty dollar bill from BAM... Out in the middle of the poetry section as I consistently look for this one book I shall never find again, I came across a short book by Tolstoy, the Hadji Murat. I said the book was short, I should have noted incredibly short compared to the longwindedness of Tolstoy *this coming from a survivor of War and Peace, every last page, and the two epilogues on historical theory* I must email my Russian history professor about this book... Anyhoo, I just had to purchase it given my affinity for Tolstoy, and having never heard of this story before EVER! *shipping off email...*
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