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Stargate Update Friday!

Wow, its been a while since I've updated here at all for my Stargate Update Fridays. A lot of this has been because I haven't been overly active on my "All Stargate All the Time" blog for the month of June. So here is a huge update.


*NEW* T is for Thanks and companion drabble Mercy. T is for Thanks was written for sg_fignewton's Janet Alphabet Soup in May. Mercy was written as a companion piece for the Stargate Drabbles List's Eye Spy "Loaded Syringe" Challenge. PG-13/R.

Posting for Archival:
1. Three Aspirin on the Road to Hell. Humor. PG-13.
2. Enemy at the Gate Ficlet #2. Humor, Ep Tag to SGA Enemy at the Gates, but from SG-1 perspective. PG.
3. Becoming a Team Written for the Jack and Sam Friendathon. Ep Tag to Fire and Water. PG.


Reviews and Questions:
| Audio Drama: Gift of the Gods | Question: SG-U Stargate, Stargates and DHDs in General-This spawned SG-U Stargate Review | Review of SG-U Stargate and DHD |

Revelations and Commentaries:
| Walter, Meet Walter! | You can't just slap a US Air Force Sticker on the side of a death glider and call it yours. |


Full size:

Icon Dumps:
| 4 Icons, Daniel, Tomin, & Walter |

| Two Gates and Desert!Camo!Arm!Porn! with eilidh17 | Fanart of Season 5: Enemies, Replicators! | Happy Birthday, Daniel Jackson! |

| Stargate Cupcakes! |

Fic Recs:
| Only Winning Move by synedochic | Infirmary Notes by Aurora Novarum | W is for Wound by Ayamgila | Three Men, an Astrophysicist and a Boyfriend by FridaysChild85 | Trauma Confusion by Aurora Novarum | R is for... by Lokei | ...And a Time for Healing by Aelfgyfu | Janet Alphabet Soup by Various | Birthdays and Other Major Disasters by Lady Anne | Daniel Jackson, Accidental Hero by Lady Grey | Gift of Consolation by Fig Newton | Kid Jackson vs. Slugger McKay by Eilidh17 |
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