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weekend ickiness

This weekend was horrible!!  Okay, not totally horrible, because Kevin came over and I certainly enjoyed my time with him.  He even enjoyed participating in the redial_the_gate  chat and watching a kickass episode of SG-1.  He wasn't that hot though on some of the episodes of season one though!  Anyways, the reason it was horrible is because I came down with a cold--one that hit me really really hard.  It started Thursday with a sore throat, and by Friday I was having nasal congestion problems.  By Saturday I was downright miserable, partially because another little friend decided to visit me, so I was all around uncomfortable.   Its now Tuesday, I still don't have much of a voice, I didn't get nearly anything I wanted to get done this weekend, and still carrying around a box of tissues like a security blanket. 

I was fortunate that I took off half a day on Friday as I worked an extra five hours unexpectedly on Wednesday, so it gave me the opportunity to be less miserable at work and more miserable at home--though I spent the entire time working, cleaning, and doing laundry.  ick.

I did get one thing done, my entry for Jack Alpha-Bits, and knowing that it was written while legally high on cold and allergy medication on top of the constant light-headedness I get when I blow my nose (which is all the time!!) I really need a beta to look over it once.  I just have no idea if it is even good, let alone whether I have their voices or can write in proper English right now...

Oh, and spending all day on the phone with airline peoples when you don't have a voice==bad.  Singing in the car on the way home after spending the day on the phone with airline peoples when you don't have a voice==even badder.  I'm squeaking and losing all voice on the stressed syllables of words.  I think the Grahams find it funny.
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