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'nother icon... (or two edited in...)

Had a hell of a time getting this animated, though I was quite pleased with some of the new techniques I thought of (and worked!!) to properly crop each frame without making the picture shaky *go me!* This icon is only 80x80 but it LJ-sized... the 100x100 frame I just couldn't get below 57K, and the maximum size for LJ is 40K.

I love, love, love this scene... Daniel is just tooooooo cute!

Edit: figured it was easier to add in one more than create another post...

And finally, I saw the cereal at the Super Walmart down the street (don't hate me please!!!) and I couldn't resist snapping a pic with the hope of making an icon for the upcoming Jack Alpha Bits Ficathon hosted by sg_fignewton... Here is my result:

(for those of you participating in the Jack Alpha Bits ficathon, feel free to swipe the icon (and any others you like--I like to share!)
Tags: daniel jackson, ficathon, five-alive, icons, jack o'niell, stargate sg-1
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