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I finished re-listening to "Ender's Game" this morning on my way to work. This is easily the fifth or sixth time I've listened to it in its whole form since I first downloaded it three years ago. This book (and recording) just is that damned good. I've listened to all of the Ender Saga books on audio at least once, but I always return to the original two, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. I'm so spoiled rotten by the greatness of these two books I sometimes get disappointed when I come across less-well-done audiobooks. *sigh* I even attempted to start "The Gathering" and I am the first to admit, I know nothing about the book except at some point I read the reviews and plotline and purchased it. It was also one of my more recent purchases. But I really can't remember why I purchased it. It would make sense just for me to get back online and find out the plot, but ah well... laziness has its benefits too.
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